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Our Story
We are 
We are often asked how we do it, the story  of the design and where it is made.

The creative process is always unique.

One example is the Medusa Pendant.

It started with the Greek Myth of Medusa.  She was a Gorgan Monster and instead of hair she had venomous snakes.

First the design.
     The Medusa Design

              Then the final approved fixture.
       It shrinks down for a different look!
       Meet some of our wonderful artisans.
Beto, the fabulous  artisan that helped the the creation of the Medusa, is holding the new Large Medusa during the oxidizing period.  It still needs some twisting and lacquer to make it look like the photo above.
Gerardo is a double leg amputee, but he doesn't let that slow him down.  He specializes in the hand punching out of the tin.  The Lagrimas Buenas is one of his works. Seen holding the Primavera prototype.
           Some local color.
Salvador is our wood carver.  You can see our design in the foreground.  It will one day become a star mirror.
The work in progress.  Notice the rays start out as flat surfaces, and Salvador painstakingly carves each one out.  The Fleur des Lis Leaves seen both smooth and carved.
The star after the mirrors and silver leaf has been added.
More scenic beauty in the Mexican heartland.
Francisco, Brooke and Don Miguel with some of the newly made prototypes, the Empire, and the Heno.
The Local Church
Chile Rellenos Nogales.  Sweetmeat with dried fruit on the inside and a cream walnut sauce with pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top! Yum!.
Strawberries anyone?
Chilo is our most colorful, muscian, artist, and artisan.  Brooke is being serenaded by Chilo.
Chilo is going over our Sleeping Beauty Mirror design with on of his artisans.
More serenading.
Our designer Brooke after a hard day!
Then the prototype.  Not enough arms yet, but we're on to something.