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Linguistic Designs Pendants
03MUX  The Medusa         MSRP $880         03MUXL The Medusa Large    MSRP $1100
It's just like the Greek Goddess Medusa's hair, our Medusa is vary unruly but it doesn't bite! It can be teased into a larger pendant or subdued to a smaller one, and it is easier to work with than your own hair! It comes in two sizes, Rust Finish. The Original, 03MUX, can range in size from 22"D x 22"H to 20"D x14" H, and the Large, 03MUXL, 30"D x 28" H to 28"D x 14"H 
03HMX The Medium Heno          
                                                             MSRP $680  
 03HLX     The Large Heno              
                                                             MSRP $720
Heno's are a parasite that live in the high Mexican Desert.  These bundles of light are symbiotic with any environment. Available in Rust and Natural Finish. Medium 13"D Large 16"D
​  03NST                        The Nest                    
                                                           MSRP $800
This wire nest, both modern and organic in     form,  creates and amazing atmosphere with dancing light.  Material is iron wire wrapped around an wrought iron frame.  16"D x 14"H

03EPLA                         The Empire          MSRP $800         
You can be a traditionalist with a twist!  From the simply classical, to ridiculously festive, and over to jocularly whimsical, the Empire spans many dynasties of styles. Put on a new crown for a different look whenever the mood suits you, it comes with both crowns! Antique finish shown.
11"D x 20"H with crowns 11"D x 28"H
03PCA        The Piña Colada   
                                                             MSRP $880
This capricious pendant is fabulous with or without a pina colada in hand.  Hand made from tin, this pendant will make any room more peppy.  Antique Finish. 11"D x28"H
Linguistic Designs Drums 
Linguistic Designs Chandeliers
03ODG  Gold Organic Diamond Drum    
                                                                   MSRP $1200
This Drum creates an amazing ambiance with all the light and shadow in casts. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  21"D x 14"H
03LBG       Lagrimas Buenas              
                                MSRP $700, $1000, 1200, 1500
The good tears, because each of the punctures you see are in the shape of a tear.  Available in Gold or Silver Leaf 26"D x 18"H, 21"D x 14"H , 17"D x 12" H , 12"D x 9" H
03BCS The Bird Cage Small    
                                                     MSRP $400
03BCM The Bird Cage Medium
                                                   MSRP $450
For a flight of fancy try a bird cage.  They are all handmade and look great as fixtures.  Available in Med 11 1/2"W x 111/2"L x 19 1/2"H 
Small 9 1/2"W x 91/2"L x 17"H
03GTA   The Gothic Antique Finish 
                                                      MSRP  $1500
03GTAS The Gothic Antique Sm.  
                                                     MSRP  $1100
Old World meets New, with this familiar form is made in a new material, tin.  Antique Finish.
33"Dx33H" and 21"Dx21"H

03GTS      The Gothic White Splash  
                                                  MSRP      $1500
03GTSS   The Gothic White Splash SM
                                                  MSRP      $1100
With a little white paint splashed on the Gothic takes on a softer more contemporary feel. 33"D x 33"H and    21"D x 21"H  
03GTW    The White Gothic 
                                                 MSRP $1500
03GTWS      The White Sm.Gothic  
                                                  MSRP $1100
In White the Gothic looks like a light and airy complex piece of origami. 
 33"D x 33"H and    21"D x 21"H
03THA The Theater Antique    
                                                                MSRP $1300
This French inspired Theater Chandelier has a feel of both modern and old world sophistication.  31"D x 38"H (Basket is 19"D)
03THV      The Theater Green Patina
                                                              MSRP $1300
The feel of copper for a fraction of the price, the handmade tin takes on a new look.                31"D x 38"H (Basket is 19"D)
03THW  The Theater White Splash 
                                                     MSRP $1300
The light white patina softens the appearance of the Theater Chandelier. 31"D x 38"H (Basket is 19"D)

03NPA               The Napoleon Antique     
                                                                  MSRP $1100
This fanciful reinterpretation of the 18th Century Classic will suit any environment. 31"D x 30"H
03ARX               The Arete                      
                                                             MSRP $1500
Arete is Spanish for earring.  This gorgeous hand crafted chandelier is comprised of hundreds of earring-like drops that sparkle and dance, making the ambiance in any room more interesting.  
30"D x 28"H
Linguistic Designs Flush Mounts
06ARX        The Arete Flush Mount 
                                                                     MSRP $1200
The marvelous earring-like drops create a stunning atmosphere. This flush mount quickly install around a keyless shoket. 21" D x 18"H
03NPC    The Napoleon Copper
                                                                MSRP $ 1500
The verdigris of the copper grows richer with age.  This beautiful chandelier brings back the elegance of yore. yet is still contemporary.
31"D x 30"H
03PVMS         Primavera Silver Leaf
                        MSRP $700 ,$1000, $1200
Spring Time is here with this open breezy silver leafed drum.  It comes in several sizes. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  
​12D"x 9H, 17"D x 12"H and 21"D x 12"H
03GTR  The Gothic Red Finish 
                                                      MSRP  $1500
03GTRS The Gothic Red Sm.  
                                                     MSRP  $1100
This vibrant red will attract many envious glances.  It shouts playful glamour!
33"Dx33H" and 21"Dx21"H

03GTN  The Gothic Black Finish 
                                                      MSRP  $1500
03GTNS The Gothic Black Sm.  
                                                     MSRP  $1100
The Gothic in Black has a crisp modern vibe.
33"Dx33H" and 21"Dx21"H

03PVMG         Primavera Gold Leaf Medium
                                                      MSRP $1000, $1200
This beautiful charming drum creates a stunning ambiance! Available in Gold and Silver Leaf
17'"D x 12"H  and 21" D x 12"H
03PVCG    Primavera Gold Leaf Small
                                                          MSRP $700
Spring Time is here with this open breezy silver leafed drum.  It comes in several sizes. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  
​12"D x 9"H

03ODG  Silver Organic Diamond Drum    
                                                                     MSRP $1200
The Organic Diamond grabs the eye and  casts light and shadow across the ceiling and walls  Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  21"D x 14"H
06PVCG    Primavera Gold Leaf Small
                                                          MSRP $600
Spring Time is here with this open breezy silver leafed drum.  It comes in several sizes. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  
​12"D x 9"H

06PVCG    Primavera Gold Leaf Small
                                                          MSRP $400
The Micro Mini Primavera is perfect for a tight place.  For something so small it makes a big impression. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  
5 1/2"D x 6"H

06PVCG    Primavera Silver Leaf Small
                                                          MSRP $600
This flush mount Silver leafed drum will cast a spell in any room. Available in Gold and Silver leaf.
​12"D x 9"H

06PVMMG  Primavera Silver Leaf          
                        Micro Mini            MSRP $400
wonderful for small places that need mood and ambiance, this Micro Mini will fit any mood. Available in Gold or Silver Leaf.  
​51/2"D x 6"H

06THA   Theater Flush Mount
                                                         MSRP $650
Created with fun and frivolity in mind.  This handsome flush mount will shine in any environment.
12"D x 13"H