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Linguistic Designs Mirrors
04CLG Colonial Gold Leaf Mirror        
                                                         MSRP  $ 1100
This handsome mirror bespeaks of at time when Isabella was Queen and the riches of the New World were being reinterpreted by gifted craftsman. 44"Hx22"W
04CLS   Colonial Silver Leaf Mirror 
                                                      MSRP $ 1100
Reminiscent of Spain's glorious past this mirror will glam up any room from the most modern to traditional.  44"Hx22"W     
04MIR       Industrial Rose Mirror  
                                                     MSRP $ 1300
This mirror is comprised of hundreds of small "industrial" style roses all handmade. It is finished in Antique with Silver. 36"x36"
04MRP      Pyramid Rose Mirror   
                                                              MSRP $ 2420
This gorgeous mirror is comprised of tiny handmade roses.  One frame placed on top of another creating a pyramid.  The mirror itself is inserted and the walls of the insert are silver leafed.  Each rose is then silver leafed.on the outside petal giving this sculptural piece another dimension.27"x27" 
04MRA           Antique Rose Mirror     
                                                            MSRP $ 1870
The Antique Rose mirror is more than a mirror, it is art.  Each rose is handmade, and gently hammered to give it a realistic feel. This mirror makes a statement. 27" x 27" 
04MRN         Natural Rose Mirror 
                                                     MSRP $ 1870
Every petal is handcrafted and gently bunched together like a bouquet. The natural finish of the metal makes this mirror an eye catcher.  27"x27"
04MFC             Copper Flame Mirror   
                                                                    MSRP $ 2000
Made from copper this mirror reflects the 19th Century through modern eyes.It can be hung vertically as well. 28"x51"
04RCB      Ribbon Candelabra       
                                                        MSRP $ 460
Iron railing is skillfully twisted intothis playful candelabra.  It looks wonderful with a vase of flowers in the center.  11"Dx 13"H
Linguistic Designs Candelabra
04COB Standing Copete Candelabra
                                                      MSRP $1320
The Standing Copete Candelabra is a graceful organic adaptation of the traditional candelabra.    33"W x 66"H
04CAS           Antique Candle Cuff
04CNS           Natural Candle Cuff
04CCS   Antique & Silver Candle Cuff
(Set of 4)                                           MSRP $460
These Candle Cuffs will make any table shine! Fashioned from handcrafted small roses.  7"D
04BTC     Industrial Rose Balls
                                                  MSRP $ 500 Set of 3
These balls can be hung or put in a bowl or just on a coffee table.  9"D